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We are whole hearted believers that prayer is the most critical aspect of a successful life with Christ. We recently had a sermon series based on Mike Bickel’s book “Growing in Prayer” and if you missed out, please do yourself a favor and go through the videos and teachings from the past few weeks. Our lives have been transformed through this, and I think you will find the same thing happen once you begin to habitually communicating with God on a daily basis.

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Prayer and Fasting

As you prepare for your time of fasting, it can be tempting to start thinking of a laundry list of prayers you’d love to see answered. But we really want to encourage you to keep this simple. Think about the top two or three things most pressing on your heart and focus on those things with God. Write these down in the space provided below, and be open to hearing what God wants to show you. The breakthroughs, miracles, and answers to your prayers will
be by-products of drawing closer to Jesus.